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My design in this photo was for a concert I did that raised money and benefitted A Child's Place in Charlotte, N.C. With my ideas and design here, I used pipe and drape to create a large white background and used it as a large blank canvas to throw lots of color and effects onto. I thought about young children and what they would want, the thing that came to my mind first was the fascination with rainbows we have as children and adults. I put myself in the shoes of a child who may be experiencing homelessness and the thoughts of being able to color on a large sheet of paper to distract from the outside world, the hopefulness, and the beauty of a rainbow. This is my favorite design I have created as I felt free to make an impact on the audience. creating an environment for them to take time and notice the small beautiful things in life.

This photo was taken at Forest Hill Church in the spring of 2019. On this day we had a baptism at the service and wanted something impactful, yet not distracting from the important journey people were going through in their faith. By using two Source-4s under our rear screen and some front lighting, we were able to capture the haze of the room and pull everyone in. The song was "The Proof of Your Love", by for KING & COUNTRY; the idea behind the song was laying down and professing our love to God as proof of his love working through baptism. The production team decided on using no background with my minimalistic lighting because lighting, like projections, should not be the main focus, it is there to convey mood, not distract. 

This is Christmas 2018 at Christ Lutheran. During "O Holy Night," the congregation lit candles and sang without the choir. The blue lighting was used to create a blue and gold look with our Source 4 mounted with a 5-degree lens on the baptismal font. Throughout the night, I kept dropping the intensity of the house and the smoke from the previous services added haze, creating a more intimate setting in such a large room. The church has 1,500 seats, so using lighting in this space captures the audience and pulls them into a more personal feel, which is an important goal for me. 

This image is from a youth worship night at Forest Hill. The song is "Godness of God" and was the opener of the night. The song repeats the lines "Your goodness is running after...It's running after me." I wanted the background motion and lighting to capture waves crashing onto shore over and over, just like the line "Running after me" is repeated. I used gobos and prisms to separate the beams of light; acting like the foam that forms on the tops of waves and how waves splinter when coming onto shore. I also used 4 Martin Washes in their widest zoom setting to wash over the whole crowd like rushing water.

Tour 2019 _christlutheranchurches _fusio

This final image is from a touring show I have been the Technical Director of for the past 3 years. This show challenges me, as it is a show where I plan the rig and ground package, program the show, and adjust it every night to fit the next venue we are going into. This show also requires me to plan the audio and train students on how to mix the house for shows. For my design, I used washes to bring movement into the show without distracting from the songs. In this photo, I used the dark colors of the green and purple to convey the slow tempo of the song. The choir combines students from 8 local high schools and allows me to be creative with the shape of the shows' technical aspects. 





My design this year included:

8x Chauvet COLORdash Par-Quad 18

3x Chauvet COLORado Batten Quad-9

4x Chauvet Batten Arcs 

4x Chauvet SlimPAR 64s

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