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My Passion

Lighting design has been a passion of mine due to the characteristic that lights can take on. They are able to captivate an audience and transport them into the mood of a song or performance. I have been doing lighting design since I was in the sixth grade at my church, starting with a few basic colors and groups of lights to use. I learned that by just using simple movements of intensity, I could draw attention to the most important part of the stage where the action is taking place. Moving into high school I was able to transition into using lights and color to design sets and entrances to make the audience feel immersed in the plot, not just as if they were watching a plot unravel in front of them. I am passionate about involving people in the audience to be an active part of the show or the worship. To have them relate to the show is my goal with lighting. My high school Technical Director always told me, “Remember good designers make it look pretty, great designers make it meaningful, create a story and have a purpose!”


I strive to accent the motions on stage to make the audience of a show feel like they are in the action. As I transitioned into a more vibrant stage at another church in late high school, I used moving lights and colors to wash the stage. This allowed for more complex movements and to actually use the lights not only to see but to turn them into their own elements of design. The lighting is a way of allowing me to express my interpretations of how the moods and complex story that is being told through the movements of the song by instruments and lyrics. Saying that lighting is my passion would be an understatement, it is all I can see myself doing after college and what I drive to do each day. I dream to continue pursuing my lighting design imagination and have the future that I long for.

My Designs

Taking the foam inserts, compressing them between your fingers and sliding them into your ears. One of the most satisfying motions, when the foam expands and the noise around you falls mute. Pushing the sound cable into your bodypack and hearing the snap as the earphones go in with a low hum coming back to life, waking from their slumber, as that first note is hit and my mind comes alive. To design the light shows that accompany the songs of worship or a concert, I must first enjoy the song I am programming and connect with it to understand where it flows with its rises and falls, the story the artist has intended under it. This drive is the reason that lighting and production seize my time in high school.


    Lighting must take the form of the song flowing around it, and like a river that is flowing, you have your small movements of a drum hitting like water meeting some turbulence. Thinking of the lights rising overcrowd like the movement down a stream before the waterfall. When the song drops the lights rush to meet it, moving quickly just was the water would be launched over the ledge and falling into the chorus of the song. Drawing the listener into the mood of the room and feeling the motions like they are on a tube flowing down the river of sound and lights with you. I strive to create a window for my art to be view through, allowing people to reach a deeper connection with ith the theme of the show, always striving to make it "meaningful, and create a story and have a purpose!”

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